Believe in Scotland Scotch Whisky by Believe in Scotland

"We believe in a better, fairer and prosperous Scotland. With your help, together we can change hearts and minds about Scotland’s future. Buy our new Scotch Whisky – for yourself or as a gift. Every purchase generates a vital contribution to the Scottish independence campaign. Slainte."

Believe in Scotland Scotch Whisky


Believe in Scotland Scotch Whisky has been expertly crafted in partnership with The Art of the Dram and designed by Believe in Scotland’s graphic artist, Stewart Bremner. The whisky is a special blend of five pure malts from Speyside and Highland malt whiskies for a well-balanced and smooth finish, with sweet notes of citrus, toffee, a hint of sherry and warm spices.

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70cl · 40ABV
"Design is a big part of the Believe in Scotland campaign. The design depicts a young woman who is a passionate supporter of Scottish Independence, (70% of young women are). Her skirt is reminiscent of pleated tartan with a Saltire flying boldly in the background. The image is alive with the energy of our nation and she's waving a wand – because independence would be magic!"

Believe in Scotland

Believe in Scotland Scotch Whisky

The striking label and pack design for the Believe in Scotland Whisky is by their in-house designer Stewart Bremner, whose own designs include the Spirit of Independence and Indy Prints, as well as the Scotland the Brief publications.

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