Valley in the Scottish Highlands with hills covered in patches of purple heather and trees, and sheep in the distance.

A perfect blend of Art & Scotch Whisky

Welcome to our shop. Our whisky art collections showcase iconic Scottish locations, golf courses and special occasions by Scottish artists, making them the perfect gift or souvenir for all whisky lovers. Sláinte!

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Sarah Dunton’s collection depicts stunning landscapes of iconic places in the Highlands of Scotland. Sarah’s life revolves around her family and her busy schedule of outdoor activities. The colourful palette of her paintings reflects her cheerful and positive outlook on life.

Memorable Places

by Sarah Dunton

"I am constantly looking to reinterpret the landscape and find my unique direction. Ultimately, it is the light and colours which drive, excite and inspire me. I try to capture the ambience and character of the landscape with enhanced colours to accentuate the effortless natural splendour of my theme."

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Tim Cockburn’s collection celebrates his humorous interpretations of Scottish life. Featuring snapshots of special occasions, like birthdays, his emotional images capture memories and depict scenes of interesting characters country dancing at traditional ceilidhs.


by Tim Cockburn

"My art is about people. Life moves around pretty quickly, so you have to draw what’s there and draw it quickly because it’s passing by. But when I look back ten years later, I can remember where I was that day."

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Graeme Baxter BEM is Scotland’s most recognised golf artist, with over 200 paintings of the world’s most respected golf courses in his portfolio. We will be introducing a number of Graeme’s paintings, with Brora Golf Club being our first edition.

The Golfer’s Dram

by Graeme Baxter

"I like to be accurate but not photographically accurate. I am looking to find the heart of a golf course, grasp the many details and colours, and capture its key characteristics and natural feel."

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