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We chose ‘Art of the Dram’ to define our brand because it reflects both the skill of the artists’ work and the art of blending whiskies.

In Scotland, to share a dram together with friends and family has always been a sign of affection and welcome, which reflects our nation’s hospitable character.

The Art of the Dram is a simple concept; uniting the creative talents of our artists, whose paintings capture memories of special places, and those of the whisky blender, who balances the flavours from individual casks to create drams with distinctive taste profiles.

Our wish is to reflect these two complimentary skills in our Art of the Dram collections. We are delighted that three outstanding artists, Sarah Dunton, Tim Cockburn and Graeme Baxter BEM, have created themes in their own distinctive styles; offering you a wide choice of options for gifts, souvenirs or collectors’ bottles from some of your favourite places in Scotland.

As a company, we want to share the Scottish people’s respect for traditions, family values and to help build friendships with international visitors through our Scotch Whisky products. We will strive to be as sustainable as possible in our business sourcing and we will treat our suppliers and customers with respect and integrity.

Please enjoy our dram responsibly with friends, family, neighbours and visitors and may the sharing bring back happy memories of places, holidays and special occasions you’ve experienced in Scotland”

Slàinte mhath! Cheers & good health!

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Scott Kelly

Founder of Art of the Dram

Scott Kelly, founder of Art of the Dram, holds a glass of Scotch Whisky in the garden with Highland scenery in the background.

Scott Kelly - Founder of Art of the Dram

Scotch Whisky is loved and respected around the world, so it makes an ideal gift for friends, business contacts or for special family occasions.